What is VCube?

It's an affordable, effective, energy friendly, compact device, that allows you to go from static to dynamic signage.  It's proven that clients retain more information on a specific products/service on digital signage.  

Why VCube?

We believe every business should incorporate technology to the next level. We want everyone to be able to turn their current static signage to digital via a standard HD TV. 

Office - live dashboards

Retail - in-store advertisement

Education - info screens

Hospitals - message awareness

Restaurants - digital menu boards

Benefits of VCube:

  1. Affordable 
  2. Very Compact size 
  3. Energy friendly
  4. Low maintenance, no mechanical moving parts
  5. Increase Branding

What are the requirements?


1. WiFi Connection or Wired connection.

2. A standard HD TV with one HDMI port (mounted or non-mounted)

3. Ready to take more clients